Rapper kicks girlfriend out of his house because she refused to have sex with his dog..

A rapper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, uploaded a video on Instagram, in which he confesses to asking his girlfriend to have sex with his dog.

When the woman refused, 29-year-old Kevin Gates kick her out of his house.

Last month, Gates caused a storm after announcing that he was dating his cousin even though it is seen as incest. In the video posted on

Instagram, Gates reveals the discussion he had with the woman who refused to have sex with his dog.

“I didn’t call you here to just lay down with me. You can take an Uber home for all I care,” Gates told the woman. Uber is a mobile app offering car service.

Gates said that the woman was offended by his bizarre request.

Gates also showed the dog in question on the video in order to show his followers that he was talking about having sex with an animal and not with a person he refers to as “dog.”