I agree that today’s music lacks sense but it sells – Emma Nyra

Made Men Music Group’s first lady, Emma Nyra has acknowledged that some of the music that pervades our airwaves today lacks depth.

The beautiful singer whose real names are Emma Chukwugoziam Obi in a recent interview with Potpourri, also explained what actually sells in the Nigerian musical industry.

According to her,“I agree that nowadays music lacks lyrical content especially commercial music because that’s what sells.
The African market as a whole thrives on music that makes you dance but lyrical content is still appreciated. Music should not be all about beats but at the same time, as a musician it is important to focus on your market and to give the people what they like to hear”

On the issue of difference in affluence between the old and the new, Emma Nyra wouldn’t take sides, instead she asserted that it was the musician of old that paved the way for the younger ones.

“I believe that the musicians of the past have paved the way for musicians like me to have structure within the industry which allocates funds to be generated indefinitely for us. My idea of good music is music that is evergreen.”