Ladies, Here Are 20 Tips On How To Get Flat abs And A Toned Tummy! – SEAJOHN

Tight abs is something that both genders want, but it’s harder for women to develop the lean muscles, anywhere on the body, than it is for men. It’s a biological fact that women have to work harder to develop a lean and sculpted look, and it’s also a fact that many women shy away from any muscle building exercise, for fear of becoming muscle bound. You can, however, develop a flat, toned tummy without starting to look like a professional body builder, by combining sensible eating with some muscle building exercise. Here are 20 tips on how to get great, attractive abs, for girls:

1. Forget about the miracle pills and potions!

The only way you are going to get a flat, toned belly is eat right and work out. So, forget all the internet ads for miracle flat belly potions. Sorry girls, there really is no substitute for a bit of hard work!

2. Stop fixating about calories

The calorie equation is simple. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume, but that doesn’t mean decreasing calories without increasing exercise. Yes, you need to think about calories, but is far better to fill up on the right kind of food and increase your exercise levels, than it is to count the calories in every single morsel of food that you eat.

3. Starving yourself won’t create great looking abs

Don’t starve yourself and try and live off the least amount of food that is possible, because you will need the energy to exercise, if you want to create lean muscle. You’re going to need protein and carbs in your diet, so don’t, whatever you do, skip or skimp on meals.

4. Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables

Another tip on how to get flat abs is to eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables will give you the energy you need to get you through the day and to help you increase your activity levels. Five portions a day, is what doctors recommend, so that’s five pieces of fruit or fresh vegetables, every day.

5. Don’t cut out dairy completely

Dairy food can be high in calories, but don’t cut it out completely. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and, studies have shown that, if you don’t get enough calcium, your body will start to store up more fat.

6. Eat more fibre

Next good tip on how to get flat abs is to eat more fibre. Just switching your choice of bread and pasta to whole grain can make a big difference too. Whole grain foods contain far more nutrients than processed alternatives do, they will give you more energy, and they will keep you feeling full for longer.

7. Leave out the fast food

One meal from a fast food joint can contain all the calories that you should be eating in the whole day and, you’ll still feel hungry later on! Prepare your food at home and that way you can control what goes into it.

8. Burn fat with cardio

You are going to need to burn fat off and build up the strong muscle mass at the same time, so a mixture of muscle toning and exercises and cardio are required. Crunches alone are not enough, so don’t forget the running, cycling and swimming as well, which will help burn off the fat from all around your body.

9. Try the inverted bicycle

As well as diet and cardio, you will need to tone the muscles of your belly specifically, so we have included some specific exercises that will help. The first of these is the inverted bicycle. You probably learned this one at school, but just in case you didn’t, lie on your back with your legs propped up in the air and spin your legs as though you were riding a bike. As with all exercise, start out slow with just a couple of minutes at a time, and then work your way slowly up to doing more.

10. Do some sit-ups

Another great exercise that requires no special equipment is old fashioned sit-ups. Try and do them as fast as you can and they will strengthen the core of your body, as well as tone your abs.

11. Do the twist

Stand with your legs apart and then bend at the waist and touch your left foot, with your right hand. Stand up straight again and repeat, this time with your left hand to your right foot. It’s simple, but it’s effective.

12. Leg lifts

If you haven’t exercised for a while, you might find this one tricky to begin with. Lay on your back with your legs outstretched, together, then keeping your knees straight and together, raise your legs slowly into the vertical position, so they point up to the ceiling. This is hard work, but a great way to get well toned abs!

13. Crunches

Crunches focus more of the effort on your tummy muscles than full sit-sups do, and they are great for gaining flat abs. Do them with your arms crossed on your chest and try not to use your neck to pull yourself up or you could injure yourself.

14. How to get flat abs? Pick up the walking pace

If you don’t feel you’re ready for running yet, then just picking the pace that you walk can make a difference. For it really to have an effect, you should be walking fast enough, so that it gets your heart pumping faster. In other words, if you’re not breathing a bit faster, then you’re not walking fast enough!

15. Take the stairs

You can be doing something to tone your abs, even when you are out and about. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs and, take them fast! Just a few simple things like this can make all the difference, without having to even go near a gym.

16. Eat after working out

Feed your muscles, straight after a workout, and it will help them recover and build them up. A meal of high protein foods, like lean meat, fish or poultry, along with carbohydrates, will quickly replenish your energy levels and be absorbed by the muscles.

17. Exercise regularly

Another suggestion on how to get flat abs is to exercise regularly. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to fabulous abs, and one session of crunches is not going to be followed by an instantly flat tummy. Set aside a time, every day, for your workout and stick to it! Persistence will bring results.

18. Get an exercise buddy

Exercising on your own can get very boring and, if no one’s watching, it’s easy to find excuses not to do it. It can be a great help if you can find a friend to workout with. That way you can help motivate each other and even make a friendly competition out of your efforts.

19. Protein shakes are not all bad!

They might be marketed with pictures of huge guys with rippling muscles, but don’t be put off by that, protein shakes can be useful for anyone and they are not going to turn you into the incredible hulk! Drinking a protein shake, a few times a week, will feed the growth of your muscles and has even been shown to assist in overall weight loss.

20. Don’t believe the myths

And finally, don’t believe the myths and don’t waste your money on the latest ab building sensation! It’s a combination of healthy eating and sensible exercise, both muscle toning and cardio, that will give you the flat, toned tummy that you are looking for.