Marriage has not been blissful, I will be lying through my teeth if I say that – Lara George

Popular gospel singer, Lara George, has revealed that her 10-year-old marriage hasn’t been blissful all the way.

While speaking, she disclosed that her union with her husband has been met with ups and downs and looking back on her experience, she said, ‘I think love should be appreciated”.

Lara whose latest album is titled ‘Love Wantintin’ said the album title stems from the concept of love and more so, the celebration of her ten year wedding anniversary.
See excerpt from the interview below:

What inspired your latest album?

Love Wantintin? I feel love should be celebrated. 10 years in marriage is a milestone but when I look back, it feels just like yesterday when I got married and to be honest with you, there was a moment in my marriage when I was not that sure if I could make it to the next stage and then, suddenly, I woke up one morning only to find out that I am 10 years old in the marriage. I was so excited I wanted to celebrate and throw a party; I wanted to write a song that talks about long lasting love; that was what inspired Love Wantintin.

Talking about marriage, 10 years is a long time to stay married, what is the secret?

It is all about believing in God. You know, every day you have to pray and commit your family to God; it is all about prayer. The entertainment industry is very challenging because the spotlight is on us. Consequently, every flaw that you have is magnified a million and one time over. The bottom line is that one has to be very prayerful and that’s what I do. I go on my knees and commit my family to God in prayers and the prayers have been working; I just have this firm belief in God.

Ten years after, could you say that your marriage has been blissful all the way?

Of course not. It has not been blissful all the way. I will be lying through my teeth if I say that. No marriage is blissful 100 per cent of the time. I think the joy is being able to overcome the challenges that come, because I will be lying if I say there have been no challenges these last 10 years. Yes, my husband and I have had our own fair share of challenges but by God’s grace, we have surmounted each and every one, and my prayer is that we will continue in Christ every day till death do us part.

Could you share some of those challenges you faced in the last 10 years?

You know patience could be very challenging because it is the ability to understand and overlook the flaws of your partner. And you know, there are days that you just want to explode! But remember, the anger of a man is not worth the righteousness of God. So when you allow anger to becloud your judgment, you create a lot of problems. My husband and I had to learn to take every negative emotion aside and dump them in the backburner and make the Spirit of God our watchword so that our home will be where the Holy Spirit abides.