Chelsea clear to sign £200m Lionel Messi as rivals Bayern Munich and Man City exit transfer race.

Chelsea have moved a step closer to signing Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi after two of their main rivals for a deal pulled out, UK’s Metro reports via the Express.

The Blues are among the front-runners to sign Messi, who looks increasingly likely to be departing Barca in the coming months, with his agent and father hinting a switch.

Manchester City were also in the hunt, but Manuel Pellegrini has now denied interest, calling the talk ‘rumours’, while Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola has also ruled out a move, telling reporters he wants Messi to ‘stay at Barca for life’.
Both City and Bayern were seen as Chelsea’s main rivals to a deal, but Chelsea are now clear to go and sign the £200million man without that competition.


US unveils new visa processing for Nigeria.

The United States (US) Embassy in Nigeria has announced the opening of its new DHL Document Collection Centre in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Making the announcement on Tuesday, the Embassay said applicants who are interviewed in Lagos or Abuja can now choose to pick up their passports in Port Harcourt, in addition to existing facilities in Abuja and Lagos.

It also said applicants can submit their passports to the Port Harcourt collection centre as part of the U.S. Mission to Nigeria’s drop box renewal programme.

The embassy, however, informed that passport collection via the centre in Port Harcourt will take one additional day, adding that individuals whose visa applications are approved can expect their passports within four days while drop box applicants can expect their passports within 7-10 days.

It also stated that effective from 1 December, 2014, the U.S. Mission to Nigeria would require that the DS-160 non-immigrant visa application confirmation number used to schedule visa interviews match the application confirmation page that is brought to the interview.

Applicants who do not meet the criterion will not be interviewed and will have to purchase a new fee receipt to book another appointment, the Embassy warned.

Ladies, Here Are 20 Tips On How To Get Flat abs And A Toned Tummy! – SEAJOHN

Tight abs is something that both genders want, but it’s harder for women to develop the lean muscles, anywhere on the body, than it is for men. It’s a biological fact that women have to work harder to develop a lean and sculpted look, and it’s also a fact that many women shy away from any muscle building exercise, for fear of becoming muscle bound. You can, however, develop a flat, toned tummy without starting to look like a professional body builder, by combining sensible eating with some muscle building exercise. Here are 20 tips on how to get great, attractive abs, for girls:

1. Forget about the miracle pills and potions!

The only way you are going to get a flat, toned belly is eat right and work out. So, forget all the internet ads for miracle flat belly potions. Sorry girls, there really is no substitute for a bit of hard work!

2. Stop fixating about calories

The calorie equation is simple. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume, but that doesn’t mean decreasing calories without increasing exercise. Yes, you need to think about calories, but is far better to fill up on the right kind of food and increase your exercise levels, than it is to count the calories in every single morsel of food that you eat.

3. Starving yourself won’t create great looking abs

Don’t starve yourself and try and live off the least amount of food that is possible, because you will need the energy to exercise, if you want to create lean muscle. You’re going to need protein and carbs in your diet, so don’t, whatever you do, skip or skimp on meals.

4. Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables

Another tip on how to get flat abs is to eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables will give you the energy you need to get you through the day and to help you increase your activity levels. Five portions a day, is what doctors recommend, so that’s five pieces of fruit or fresh vegetables, every day.

5. Don’t cut out dairy completely

Dairy food can be high in calories, but don’t cut it out completely. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and, studies have shown that, if you don’t get enough calcium, your body will start to store up more fat.

6. Eat more fibre

Next good tip on how to get flat abs is to eat more fibre. Just switching your choice of bread and pasta to whole grain can make a big difference too. Whole grain foods contain far more nutrients than processed alternatives do, they will give you more energy, and they will keep you feeling full for longer.

7. Leave out the fast food

One meal from a fast food joint can contain all the calories that you should be eating in the whole day and, you’ll still feel hungry later on! Prepare your food at home and that way you can control what goes into it.

8. Burn fat with cardio

You are going to need to burn fat off and build up the strong muscle mass at the same time, so a mixture of muscle toning and exercises and cardio are required. Crunches alone are not enough, so don’t forget the running, cycling and swimming as well, which will help burn off the fat from all around your body.

9. Try the inverted bicycle

As well as diet and cardio, you will need to tone the muscles of your belly specifically, so we have included some specific exercises that will help. The first of these is the inverted bicycle. You probably learned this one at school, but just in case you didn’t, lie on your back with your legs propped up in the air and spin your legs as though you were riding a bike. As with all exercise, start out slow with just a couple of minutes at a time, and then work your way slowly up to doing more.

10. Do some sit-ups

Another great exercise that requires no special equipment is old fashioned sit-ups. Try and do them as fast as you can and they will strengthen the core of your body, as well as tone your abs.

11. Do the twist

Stand with your legs apart and then bend at the waist and touch your left foot, with your right hand. Stand up straight again and repeat, this time with your left hand to your right foot. It’s simple, but it’s effective.

12. Leg lifts

If you haven’t exercised for a while, you might find this one tricky to begin with. Lay on your back with your legs outstretched, together, then keeping your knees straight and together, raise your legs slowly into the vertical position, so they point up to the ceiling. This is hard work, but a great way to get well toned abs!

13. Crunches

Crunches focus more of the effort on your tummy muscles than full sit-sups do, and they are great for gaining flat abs. Do them with your arms crossed on your chest and try not to use your neck to pull yourself up or you could injure yourself.

14. How to get flat abs? Pick up the walking pace

If you don’t feel you’re ready for running yet, then just picking the pace that you walk can make a difference. For it really to have an effect, you should be walking fast enough, so that it gets your heart pumping faster. In other words, if you’re not breathing a bit faster, then you’re not walking fast enough!

15. Take the stairs

You can be doing something to tone your abs, even when you are out and about. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs and, take them fast! Just a few simple things like this can make all the difference, without having to even go near a gym.

16. Eat after working out

Feed your muscles, straight after a workout, and it will help them recover and build them up. A meal of high protein foods, like lean meat, fish or poultry, along with carbohydrates, will quickly replenish your energy levels and be absorbed by the muscles.

17. Exercise regularly

Another suggestion on how to get flat abs is to exercise regularly. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to fabulous abs, and one session of crunches is not going to be followed by an instantly flat tummy. Set aside a time, every day, for your workout and stick to it! Persistence will bring results.

18. Get an exercise buddy

Exercising on your own can get very boring and, if no one’s watching, it’s easy to find excuses not to do it. It can be a great help if you can find a friend to workout with. That way you can help motivate each other and even make a friendly competition out of your efforts.

19. Protein shakes are not all bad!

They might be marketed with pictures of huge guys with rippling muscles, but don’t be put off by that, protein shakes can be useful for anyone and they are not going to turn you into the incredible hulk! Drinking a protein shake, a few times a week, will feed the growth of your muscles and has even been shown to assist in overall weight loss.

20. Don’t believe the myths

And finally, don’t believe the myths and don’t waste your money on the latest ab building sensation! It’s a combination of healthy eating and sensible exercise, both muscle toning and cardio, that will give you the flat, toned tummy that you are looking for.

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka Diagnosed Of Cancer. – SEAJOHN

The Nigerian nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Tuesday, said he was diagnosed of cancer last December.

Soyinka disclosed this at a press conference at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
He said he decided to open up so as to create awareness about cancer disease and to help people take measures to prevent it or seek prompt medical attention for cure.

According to him, the reason he survived the disease was because of early detection, treatment and proper dieting.
He also revealed that his family has a history of cancer ailment.

He said immediately he realised he had cancer, his initial reaction was to see it as one of those challenges that should be dealt with, adding that at a time he considered it “an unwanted squatter in his body and had to get rid of it whether it is a slow growing one or malignant.”

Soyinka, however, did not reveal the nature of the cancer he was treated for, but his son, Dr. Olaokun Soyinka, who is the Commissioner for Health in Ogun State, later said his father was treated for “prostate cancer.”

However, an expert and Founder of African Cancer Centre in Lagos, Prof. Olu Williams, assured Soyinka that he would “not die of cancer.”
He added that Soyinka had the disease because of his old age and will only “die with the ailment.”

Man caught having sex with Donkey, claims prostitute changed to the animal – SEAJOHN

A man was arrested after he was caught having sex with a donkey.
However, the man told a court that he paid a woman for sex, but she somehow turned into a donkey.
28-year-old Sunday Moyo of Mandava, Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, was arrested after being accused of bestiality.
The man was brought before Magistrate Mildred Matuvi.
A police officer on routine patrol caught Moyo performing a sexual act on the animal inside his yard about 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

The donkey had been tied and was unable to escape the abuse. In court, Moyo admitted committing the crime, but told the judge a story that got everyone in court laughing.

Moyo said that he did not realize he was having sex with the donkey until the officer stopped him.

“I had hired a prostitute at DownTown night club and paid her ZAR220 ($20) for her services. I do not know how she became a donkey,” Moyo said in court.

Baby born with 4 arms and 4 legs attracts worshippers, named ‘god boy

A couple was devastated to see their newborn child with four arms and four legs.
However, residents in the eastern part of India, are flocking to the boy as they believe that he is the reincarnation of a god.
The child has been nicknamed “God Boy” by those who believe that he shares a lineage with Hindu supernatural beings since the gods of the Hindu religion are often depicted with multiple legs.
People have traveled through the region of Baruipur to get a glimpse of the boy. Police said that it is becoming difficult to contain the crowds.
The crowds are going crazy every time they see the child.
Hundreds of people are crying in the streets and hundreds of people are praying near the child, police said.
Some people even believe that baby’s arrival is a sign that the end of the world is near.
Medical experts reported that the child’s birth defect was the result of an underdeveloped twin, a condition known as a parasitic twin.
Now, his family is thrilled with the attention and has stated that he is the son of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation often depicted with eight limbs.
“The nurse called the baby deformed, but we called him God,” a believer in the boy said.

Marriage has not been blissful, I will be lying through my teeth if I say that – Lara George

Popular gospel singer, Lara George, has revealed that her 10-year-old marriage hasn’t been blissful all the way.

While speaking, she disclosed that her union with her husband has been met with ups and downs and looking back on her experience, she said, ‘I think love should be appreciated”.

Lara whose latest album is titled ‘Love Wantintin’ said the album title stems from the concept of love and more so, the celebration of her ten year wedding anniversary.
See excerpt from the interview below:

What inspired your latest album?

Love Wantintin? I feel love should be celebrated. 10 years in marriage is a milestone but when I look back, it feels just like yesterday when I got married and to be honest with you, there was a moment in my marriage when I was not that sure if I could make it to the next stage and then, suddenly, I woke up one morning only to find out that I am 10 years old in the marriage. I was so excited I wanted to celebrate and throw a party; I wanted to write a song that talks about long lasting love; that was what inspired Love Wantintin.

Talking about marriage, 10 years is a long time to stay married, what is the secret?

It is all about believing in God. You know, every day you have to pray and commit your family to God; it is all about prayer. The entertainment industry is very challenging because the spotlight is on us. Consequently, every flaw that you have is magnified a million and one time over. The bottom line is that one has to be very prayerful and that’s what I do. I go on my knees and commit my family to God in prayers and the prayers have been working; I just have this firm belief in God.

Ten years after, could you say that your marriage has been blissful all the way?

Of course not. It has not been blissful all the way. I will be lying through my teeth if I say that. No marriage is blissful 100 per cent of the time. I think the joy is being able to overcome the challenges that come, because I will be lying if I say there have been no challenges these last 10 years. Yes, my husband and I have had our own fair share of challenges but by God’s grace, we have surmounted each and every one, and my prayer is that we will continue in Christ every day till death do us part.

Could you share some of those challenges you faced in the last 10 years?

You know patience could be very challenging because it is the ability to understand and overlook the flaws of your partner. And you know, there are days that you just want to explode! But remember, the anger of a man is not worth the righteousness of God. So when you allow anger to becloud your judgment, you create a lot of problems. My husband and I had to learn to take every negative emotion aside and dump them in the backburner and make the Spirit of God our watchword so that our home will be where the Holy Spirit abides.

10 Signs you are not ready for another relationship after a break up. -SEAJOHN

You just broke up with your boyfriend…what a sad day! It’s brought you down, and you don’t know what to do with your life. What do you do now? Well, one person might say that you would want to jump into another relationship. Well, here are some signs that indicate that you aren’t ready to jump into another love adventure just yet:

1. It happened within the past month

Let’s get real here, you can’t just jump into another relationship right out of the gate. If it happened less than a month ago, that’s probably a red flag that you aren’t ready to see any other men.

2. You still wait for him to call or text

Even if you plainly know that he isn’t going to call or text you, you still want him to. You still wake up at night and wait for him to just drop a text before you go to sleep. If this happens, that means that you are still caught up on your ex and that it’s the only thing you can think about.

3. You haven’t deleted him off the social media

Some breakups can end messy, which means that you might have to delete him off the social media. If you don’t delete him, that is your subconscious hanging on to the fact that he might talk to you. It opens up communication and makes it easy for him to send you an IM.

4. You avoid him in public

If you avoid your ex boyfriend in public, that is a pure red flag. If you had truly moved on, then it would be okay for you two to be in the same place at the same time, and if you feel anxious in his presence, may be you need some time to heal.

5. You ask his friends how he is

When a person breaks up, it can be easy to ask his friends who he’s dating. They’ll be honest with you, and it will only hurt you more. It shows that you are still caught up on what he is doing and making sure that you know where he is.

6. You still do things that you used to do together

In every relationship, there can be intimate perks that each couple shares. If you sit on the couch and watch Breaking Bad only because it reminds you of him, you’re doing something wrong. This is especially pertinent when it comes to his favorite bands, places to eat, and the smell of his shirt.

7. You constantly talk about him

If you break up, you’re going to rant to your friends about how horrible the breakup was and how hard it is for you to get over it. Right? If you keep going on about him, then it would be a big sign that you are still wanting to merely talk about him and you together.

8. You talk about your ex to your future boyfriends

If you talk about your ex to your future boyfriends, then you’re not ready for a new relationship. Guys are fine with a little baggage, but they can’t bear the weight of an entire messy relationship on their shoulders. So, make sure that you are completely moved on before you start to see other men.

9. You bring up little perks between you and your ex

If you bring up that your ex likes a certain type of food and that one time that you shared it on the beach, you’re not ready for a new guy in your life.

10. You stalk him on his social networks

If you still facebook stalk him or make a point to look through his instagram photos, you can’t fully move onto another relationship. Just like asking his friends what he’s doing, you have to know who he’s with and where he has been since you broke up – this is the biggest flag, and you need to know it.

Psquare Lose Father In Freak Accident. Slipped And Slammed His head On Marbled floor. -SEAJOHN

Afropop duo, Psquare have lost their father in a freak domestic accident.

Pa Okoye died yesterday evening after his troubled knee bucked then he slipped and fell. He recently had a surgery done and was soon to start physiotherapy sessions when the freak accident happened.

According to a source who spoke with Us, “It happened in front of his room. He slipped and hit his head hard on the marbled floor. The brothers are around, except Jude. Burials arrangements will of course begin soon.”
May his soul rest in peace.

10 Biggest relationship mistakes men can’t seem to stop making. -SEAJOHN

Guys like to think they’re cool and that they know all there is to know about girls. Strange then, that so many of them make such stupid mistakes, when it comes to having a serious relationship with one! It’s even stranger that they all seem to make the same mistakes; don’t they even talk to each other?! So listen up guys, here are the biggest relationship mistakes that most guys just can’t stop making:

1. Not letting go of the ex
Your girlfriend doesn’t want to talk about your ex, hear about your ex, see her photograph and no, it’s not OK, if you go for a coffee with your ex! Check out the meaning of ex in the dictionary, if you unsure about this.

2. Telling her what to wear
You probably liked the low cut top and short skirt when you first met your girlfriend, so why should you start insisting that she dresses up like a nun now? Stop being so insecure! If she wears a short skirt now, then it is for your benefit, not for that weirdo at the other end of the bar who keeps looking your way.

3. Getting over-possessive and super jealous
A girl is not going to drop all her male friends and acquaintances, just because she is dating you. It is perfectly possible for members of the opposite gender to be just good friends. Jealousy and over possessiveness can kill even the best of relationships! Remember it.

4. Indecision and lack of initiative
Any modern girl has a right to say what she wants, but sometimes they just want you to make a decision. A man should be able to take the lead and not always just say ‘whatever you want, my love’.

5. Taking her for granted
Yes, she loves you. She might even worship the ground that you walk on! But she still wants to know that she’s appreciated. Don’t take the relationship for granted, make an effort or you might find her walking away.

6. Treating her like one of the lads
When faced with the dilemma of going out with your friends or going out with your girlfriend, trust us, taking your girlfriend with you on your boy’s night out is not the best solution. Girls like special nights out, just for the two of you…and a bit of sweet romance…They don’t want to share that with all your noisy buddies at the sports bar.

7. Getting too comfortable
Just because you are comfortable in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can return to all the old bad habits that you had when you lived on your own. You know what we’re talking about: the belching, the scratching and the breaking of wind in a fashion that would be worthy of an Olympic gold medal!

8. Treating her like a servant
She’s your girlfriend, not your live in maid. She’s not just there to do your cooking, washing and ironing, so give her some respect. If you want that kind of service, go live with your mother again, although it’s doubtful that she would do it any more for you either!

9. Not being in her corner
If in doubt, back your girlfriend. You are supposed to be a team, so if there is an argument with someone else, then it’s your girlfriend that you should back up. It’s a big mistake to take someone else’s side.

10. Making her words to go in one ear and out the other
Not listening and, listening properly, is a very common and fatal mistake that most guys make. Your girlfriend has a right to an opinion and she deserves to be listened to, especially as girls can often see things that men can’t.