How to Stop your Man from Staring at Other Women

Does your man constantly stare at other woman no matter how many times you’ve told him it makes you feel uncomfortable? Then it’s time to open your bag of sneaky tactics. And trust us, this will stop your man from staring at other women when you’re around!


Tell him that his constant drooling appreciation of the opposite gender in front of you bothers you. Why? Explain that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Ask him how he would react if you did the same and state that it makes you look like a fool in front of others. If he cares for you, he will understand and try to control his ogling eyes at least by some extent.

Don’t accept any corny excuses

If your man comes up with the most likely response, that he has to check out other women to reestablish that you’re the best for him, don’t accept it. If he really loves you, he doesn’t need to constantly reaffirm it, and definitely not by leching at other women. Laugh it off and demand a smarter explanation or mention that his behavior is unacceptable. And if his excuse is that he can’t help it, point out that he’s a grown-up who should be in control of his behavior. And if he’s that much of a slave to his ogling habits, you might want to consider whether you want to be with such a man.

The pot calling the kettle black

If, after you’ve talked to him about it, he continues to size up other women in front of you, it’s probably time to give him a taste of his own medicine. Next time you’re out together and he starts giving his eyes some exercise, crack your knuckles and prepare yourself for a staring game, female style. Stare at other men, smile more often at others, do that thing with your hair as you stare at another man, giggle at that cute in the next table and look away, and just about do anything that would attract other men’s attention.

When he asks you about it, which he definitely would if he even remotely cares about you, let your eyes drift away to the next table again, before smiling at him lovingly as if he’s just come back into focus. A vague, “Sorry hun, did you say something?”, should get him making himself look like an idiot, at which stage you can laugh it off and say you’re only joking, or that it doesn’t mean anything, or that he’s the one you really want.

He may get what you’re trying to prove here, unless he’s a dense troll. But in either case, a few dates of the staring game should help him learn a good lesson about stares and the power women wield when it comes to the staring game!

And while you’re indulging in the staring game, make sure you have your share of fun. After all, if you man doesn’t get the hint, you’d at least have a new arm candy who’s staring back at you right now!