Woman forced by boyfriend to wear padlock on trousers to keep her from being unfaithful

Woman forced by boyfriend to wear padlock on trousers to keep her from being unfaithful




A 25-year-old Mexican woman claimed her boyfriend used a chastity belt on her pants for years to keep her from cheating on him.

The unidentified woman recently told cops about the abuse after she was left unable to go to the bathroom for several hours because she couldn’t unlatch the padlock on her jeans, CNN reported.

The agonizing pain prompted the woman — who lives in Zacatlame, a poverty-stricken community in the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz — to go to the police.

She said she was too afraid of her 40-year-old boyfriend to grab a pair of scissors and cut the belt loop to which the lock was attached.

The man admitted to locking the woman’s pants and gave cops the key when he was taken into custody, a police commander told the news station.

“To the surprise of the authorities, the woman refused to press charges once the man was detained,” said Araceli Gonzalez, executive director of the Equifonia, a women’s rights group.


“The suspect was still taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge, but released a few hours later,” she said. “The following day, the suspect signed a statement promising never again to use a padlock on his girlfriend or abuse her in any other way.”

Gonzalez said more could have been done against the boyfriend, but authorities weren’t interested.

“The handling of this case didn’t follow the law,” she said. “Nobody acted against the aggressor.”

But state authorities said there wasn’t much they could do because the woman refused to press charges. But Gonzalez said that attitude gives abusers more incentive to act out.

“It’s like they’re saying, ‘If she doesn’t recognize the problem, we, as authorities, can’t do anything about it,’” she said. (PICTURES) click here http://www.ynaija.com/woman-forced-by-boyfriend-to-wear-padlock-on-trousers-to-keep-her-from-being-unfaithful-pictured/