How to break-up with someone you are not openly dating

1. Think out loud 
First of all, it is important for you to know whether you feel for this somebody. If you don’t, we see no reason why you shouldn’t let go of her/him. But if you have that little something going on for the person, make a move, tell them what you feel.

2. Friends or not? 
Know what to do next. Is it going to be uncomfortable for the two of you to remain friends? Or are you willing to be emotionally available to each other? Either way, gauge the situation and decide if you still want to be in touch or not.

3. Meet in person 
Make sure you do this face-to-face, because that’s how it needs to be done. There remains less clarity when a relationship ends over the phone or via email. To leave no scope for doubt, talk it out.

4. Delete forever 
If you’ve decided not to be pals anymore, stand by the same and stay out of touch. While it is okay to be acquaintances, deleting them from your life would be advisable.

5. Have that talk
Talk about where this is going. Chances are the two of you feel zero chemistry anymore, so this should not be a heart-breaker. Be frank about how you have nothing more to offer to each other.

6. Let go 
If there was that slim chance for it to work, it would have, and there would be some initiation from the other side too. But since that’s not the case, do not brood over the loss. Instead, let it go.